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Blog Wars – Episode VI

Oh no, not again.

– Imagined reaction of my friends when they find out about this blog

Yeah, sooo… I’m doing it again. This is my, what, sixth try at a blog?

I had one of those MySpace-thingies, back when it was reportedly still good and I was young and stupid (Which might be a bad description, as some might argue I am still at least one of them). Then I had a blog at wordpress.com, where I was trying to do something with politics and free speech and all those things. Shortly after starting it, I got annoyed by how repetetive it gets to write about the stuff politicians do, because they always do the same. The political buzzword at that time was “rechtsfreier Raum” (“lawless space”) in germany, which would make it a mediocre science fiction novel title or a (blatantly incorrect) description of the internet by politicians who wanted to censor it. Go figure.

I started playing Eve Online, and had an eve-blog at podlogs.com. Good times. I migrated it to my own webpage, which counts as a new blog for me. After about a year or so, I stopped playing eve because I actually had to do something once I joined university, as opposed to the final two years of school.

A few months ago, I started a tumblr-blog and posted a few things over there. If you are german, you can read up on it here, if you care. I mostly wrote more or less quick tutorials on how to install git on a Synology NAS, how to get the Android SDK to work with Windows 7 (very intuitive, by the way), and stuff like that. But, well, that one was german and on tumblr, and I still had a domain available from my webhosting package, so I figured “Why not do a quick wordpress install and try again?”.

As it turns out, you really only spend 5 minutes installing wordpress. What they don’t tell you is that you spend about two hours afterwards to find a theme that suits you. Sure, there are thousands of them available for free, but if you have a specific idea on how it should look… Yeah, good luck with that. So I settled for the current design and kept telling myself that I would “at some point” get a proper one on the blog. Which means “never”, if you haven’t figured that out yet. Yes, I am that kind of guy.

So, what’s different this time? Well, for starters, I am writing english, so I can actually post my book reviews here (Which are english, because I only read english books, because they are so much better than the german translations. This description is transitive. Look it up). Then, as you may have noticed, I stopped taking blogging seriously. I was always under the impression that if you blog, you have to use nice language, be serious, and all that nonsense. Rock, Paper, Shotgun cured my of that impression, and I mean this as positively as it gets; They rock, no pun intended.

Freed from the obligation to write something meaningful and perfect, I now feel ready to clog the internet with my meaningless thoughts, rants and opinions. Again. You don’t like it? Don’t visit the blog again. It’s that easy. Just don’t try to annoy me in the comments, or you confuse me with a person who actually cares. I know that my opinion doesn’t matter on the large, or even medium, scale. Please be aware that this also counts for yours, unless you happen to know me in real life, in which case: Look, I’m on the internet!

Thank you, and see you in the next post.