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Accipe vel commuta – Accept or Change

– Unknown Author

This quote sums up my way of life pretty good, I think. Not satisfied with not knowing what the hell the professor is talking about? Change! Start reading the script. Don’t like the prospect of working through 150 pages of university stuff a week before the exams begin? Change, start earlier.

The professor sucks and sees 95 % of the class fail the exam, yet the university ignores your calls for a new one? Grudgingly accept and repeat the module two semesters later.

I am a 24 year old computer science student currently residing in Darmstadt, Germany. So why am I writing this in english? Because I can, and also because I like english. While I am not working for the university or at my part-time job at the university, I am reading books (mostly fantasy with a bit of science fiction for good measure) both on paper and on my eBook reader, reading stuff on the internet (My favourite moment about that was me reading an article about the encryption on US police radios, not having a clue on how I got there in the first place, but nontheless enjoying it), writing python-scripts for one hour that save me 15 minutes (A good trade, in my opinion, although the science behind that is probably flawed), playing Pen and Paper role playing games, and probably a hundred other things I can’t be arsed to list and you probably couldn’t be arsed to read.

I enjoy the hacker culture ([XX]C3, anyone?), playing board games and PnPs with my friends, listening to metal (Wacken 2010 were some of the best days of my life), and, as I mentioned, reading. A lot.

You will find that I am planning to write on a wide variety of topics in this blog. Topics include, but are not limited to: General life nonsense, technology, politics, and I guess I will make the rest up as I go along.

I do realize that not all people want to read about all of this, and thats completely okay with me. Just don’t hold it against me if I don’t care. You are more than welcome to post comments on topics you disagree with, as long as you keep it civil. Offensive comments will be deleted, as usual. And something else: If you by any chance happen to be a politician and read me yelling at you for something, you are probably doing something right in the eye of the general population, so don’t bother suing me. Pretty please.

If you can actually stand me (regardless on if you are a politician or not), you are welcome to connect with me on twitter (@malexmave) or GitHub (@malexmave). No, I am not on Facebook, thank you very much.

Take me seriously at your own peril, but don’t say I did not warn you.

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  1. Hi Max,

    I came across your site through your work with Dominik Herrmann on Semantic Intersection Attack as I am currently trying to push this research to a new level (actually build a product based on it). So I would be happy to discuss some specifics.

    Also we might have met at 31C3…

    — franta

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